As incredulous as it might seem, it is indeed true that mankind has explored more regions and terrains of the moon and mars, than the oceanic bodies in our own planet. This is especially true for the twilight zone and deeper trenches of the oceanic systems about which we have very little information even with modern technological capabilities. On a different scenario, climatic impact on our aquatic ecosystems is also of growing concern in the modern world. With the passage of time, human activity has created and contributed much to the aggrandizing problems of environmental degradation and pollution. Increased levels of industrialization have perturbed the natural cycle, which in turn paved the way for unnatural climatic impacts, accelerated melting of the arctic ice sheet and glaciers, violent storms, and erratic changes to the weather cycle.

Such aspects of the terrestrial and marine environment have always motivated me into learning more about the unknown, and design possible solutions for such practical environmental issues confronting the modern time. With a background in application-focused Engineering, I am interested in exploring our ecosystems via autonomous and sensing technologies. My work focuses on designing and developing customized hardware systems that are capable of traversing aquatic terrains and collecting valuable limnological based research data for such water bodies. From a very open-ended standpoint, such work could overlap many quantitative areas including autonomous systems/robotics technology, electronics engineering, oceanography, remote sensing, embedded systems, computer vision, and applied mathematics. While such endeavors involve significant challenges, especially due to the unpredictable factors governing unmapped and unknown environments, my research philosophy has always been about pursuance of challenges and figuring out the unknown. An uniquely challenging and interesting position in the field of Science and Engineering that has a meaningful scientific purpose outlines my current commitment and would define my future endeavors as well.